Week 12: Principals and Admin

Three things I have learned

  1. We learnt what it means to be an affective principle. To be an affective principle you are the heart of the school community, establishes a healthy learning environment, they have a vision and a mission for the school and are a leader.
  2. We learnt that the job of the principle is to “Principals engage in critical processes of planning, implementing, advocating, supporting, communicating and monitoring curriculum, instruction and improvement planning. Principals create supportive environments that include professional development and time and space for collaboration.” as said in the lecture. Here we gained an understanding that the principle is so much more than just being the “head” of the school.
  3. The relationship between the principle and the rest of the school community including students, parents, teachers, and other admin is critical to maintain in order to have successful students.

Two connections I have made

1.During the turn and talk portion at the beginning of the lecture we talked about the good qualities which you have experienced in the past. Here I talked about a principle that held a lot of the qualities that we talked about to be an affective principle. She was a principle that loved the school she was working at and created a school that felt like a community. With this, she indeed did establish a healthy and exciting learning environment.

2. The other connection I have is in contrast to the above example. I had a principle who was very biased and therefore, created an uncomfortable and negative learning environment for the most part. He was biased towards people who were athletes and saw them as higher up than other students. Along with this, he was known to bring down other staff members for their sexual orientation. If anything, this set out an example of what not to be as a principle.

One question I still have

1. How much can you truly “lean on” the principle of your school as a teacher?


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