Curriculum as literacy

A. For me, my upbringing/schooling shaped me into someone who is empathetic, caring, and nurturing. For the real world though, my parents prepared me for that. They are the ones who got me prepped for life living on my own, being a car owner, etc. My schooling did not prep me for the real world. They taught what they needed to in conjunction to the subject they were teaching and nothing further. With this, I was never taught treaty ed either. When I came to university and we started to talk about treaty ed, it was all new to me. With my schooling experience, the majority biases were taught but they always left out the minorities including the indigenous perspectives. With that, I did have some biases coming into university but how could I not when I was never taught from another perspective? In my eyes, my schooling failed me in the sense that I was never given a well rounded education from an indigenous perspective or any other perspective for that matter.  As I go through university, I am trying to undo all of these biases I have carried with me and the ones I have been taught throughout the years. I attempt to unlearn these biases through educating myself on various perspectives, educate myself and my students various stories not just the white settler stories, and to talk to people with these varying perspectives to get a hands on insight into their lives.

B. The “single stories” that were presented in my own schooling were the white single story. Throughout any science, history, or english class I always learnt about the important white people in our history. There has been few times where I was taught about other stories and if I did, I found out later that they were often inaccurate. Until university I never got the stories of other people rather than the white majority. It has opened up my horizon to see that there is more out there than the majority, that the minority has just as much rich history as we do and it should be taught and shared. While going through my schooling it seemed that the only truth that mattered was the white majority truth. In my perspective, everyones truth mattered but the truth that matters that sometimes remains hidden is the indigenous truth. This should not be happening and it is so wrong because their truth should be expressed and shared due to the many years of oppression and colonization and for the fact that their truth is also very important. As a whole, we should become knowledgable of their past because their past is our past too and about of our history as Canadians. After all, we are all treaty people and therefore should be educated on this matter.


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