Who am I?

My name is Kelsey Middagh and I am currently finishing up my second year in my Pre K-5 education degree at the University of Regina. I am originally from small town called Bonnyville, Alberta. I decided to attend the University of Regina because of the great things I have heard about its education program and as well as wanting to gain independence and start a new adventure in my young life! I am passionate about teaching young children and fostering their desire to learn and grow. I believe all educators but specifically Elementary educators are crucial because they create a foundation of learning. As an elementary school teacher, you are teaching your students all the basics that they will need to know to move on with their schooling and life. I am beyond excited to be able to do that for the rest of my life! I see parts of that now by working in a daycare over the summer. By having this job, it ignites my passion to want to be a teacher even more.


Here I am in another one of my education classes displaying a sensory bin about how to grow plants/ how to garden!


I am taking EDTC 300 to gain a better understanding of technology since it is an ever growing area and also to become more tech savvy within the classroom and be able to use technology in meaningful ways. With that being said, I currently do not have a lot of experience with educational technology. The main experience I do have, due to other Education classes, is being able to blog. Since this past January I have started to learn how to blog and how I can use my blog to better my teaching practices for my students and the students parents. Overall, I believe taking this class is the right choice in allowing me to grow as an educator and I cannot wait to get started!

Here is the link to my Twitter where I am using technology in a meaningful way to further grow as an educator!:



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