Cybersleuthing Danielle Kelln!

Blog post prompt: Pick a partner and cybersleuth each other; then write a post about the experience. Think about what a digital identity can tell you about someone.

To give a brief understanding to those who do not know what “cybersleithing” is, it is the act of digging deep on the internet to find out what someones digital footprint and identity is. This is especially useful for professional reasons and often what a lot of employers do prior to hiring someone. My EDTC 300 class is doing this to one another to promote a positive digital identity and prepare us for the professional world.

Today, I am cyber sleuthing my friend and classmate Danielle Kelln. Here is what I found out about her digital identity:

My first instinct was to google her name. By doing this I found almost all of her social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Along with her social media, I also found the link to her blog through various blog posts being associated to her name after googling her. Through this I can already tell that she keeps a professional online presence and attempts to make herself known in the education blogging world. The screenshot below will show what exactly I found when I typed in her name.

4/7 search results are related to her future education degree. This is a digital identity of someone who I, as an employer, would want to inquire more about. By clicking on her blog homepage link, it gives a very welcoming presence and gives you a very good idea of who she is on not only a professional level but also a personal level as well.

On her homepage of her blog  (Since it is hard to read from my screenshot) it quotes: ” Welcome to my electronic portfolio! My name is Danielle Kelln, and I am currently in my second year of the PreK-5 Elementary education program. In Fall 2018, I will begin my pre-internship. I cannot wait to step into the classroom, gain new experiences, and finally be able to do what I have been waiting to do – teach!

On here you will find my journey, so far in University and as I continue into year three I will add lesson plans and other developments I gain along the way. I am really excited for year three, and I cannot wait to keep expanding my knowledge through schooling.

Thank you for taking time to come to my portfolio, I hope that you take a look throughout my educational journey and have a better understanding of me as an educator.”

By how she introduced herself and explained the purpose of her blog, it gives readers an idea that she is passionate, welcoming, driven, and loves children. This is something that all blog welcome pages that all future and current educators should have.

Next I moved onto Danielles Twitter. This is something that is also kept very professional towards her future education career but she also does make an effort to have personality within her tweets. She tweets a lot of resources and takes part in twitter chats so with this you can again see that she is passionate about being an educator. Through her bio you can see that  she is in the elementary program at the University of Regina and is passionate about inclusive education

She also though, shares some of her interests through her twitter. For example, I found a like she made that was in regards to hockey. Through this I put the two and two together and I figured out that she probably enjoys watching hockey in her spare time.

Following this, I decided to move onto her Facebook. This was a bit more closed off than her other social media accounts but which is understandable because a lot of future and current educators decide to make their facebook more private. Not that they have anything to hide, but just because they would rather have it exclusive to family and friends. Despite it being more private, I was able to gather a sense of who she is still. In her header picture, it appears to be a picture of her surrounded by family members. By this one can tell that she is very family orientated. By her profile picture you can again tell that she enjoys watching hockey because she is at a hockey rink with a hockey jersey on. Throughout her facebook page, there are many things obviously made private but she still has a lot of things that are public. She has pictures with friends to show her friend social life is healthy and pictures with her sister to show that they are close. She also makes public some information about her such as her highschool Thom Collegiate, where she lives, that she is in a relationship, and where she attends university.

Danielle also has an instagram account that more so captures her personality and the people she cares about. Having a social media account like this I think is crucial because it is important to realize there is life outside of work and sometimes putting yourself, your family, and friends as a priority is good for your mental health. Kudos, Danielle! While doing this, she still has in her bio that she is a future educator. With this being in almost every single bio that she has on the internet, you really can see her sense of pride.

With Danielles pinterest account, it has a mix of both things school and personal life.

She has boards that contain her interests such as nail art, baking and food, inspirational quotes, and her bucket list. Through this you can gain a sense of what she does in her spare time, what she wants her future classroom to be like, and also what her aspirations and dreams are.

All of these accounts, pictures, and posts gather an idea of who Danielle is as a person while still keeping a professional presence, which is ideal. Danielle has been able to balance her professional presence with her personality while not being an “undersharer” or an “oversharer”. You can find a lot out about Danielle through the internet but not an overwhelming amount where it invades her privacy as a human being. Through this session of cybersleuthing I was able to gather a positive idea of who Danielle is. As an employer I would absolutely consider hiring her because of how professional and well kept her has kept her online presence. That tells me that if she is like this online, then she certainly is like this in person. Overall, Danielle is doing a great job on creating a positive digital identity!

This experience for me was very knowledgable. I was able to understand how much you truly can find out about a person with just a click of a button. With that it is important to note that anyone can see what you post on the internet so you should always think twice before you post. Through this I was also able to compare my online presence to hers. I was able to gain a few ideas on how to better my digital identity such as adding certain hashtags in my twitter bio. Someones digital identity can tell you a lot about someone… maybe sometimes even paint almost the whole picture. A lot of people put their whole lives on social media. As said previously, Danielle did not put her whole life on the internet but she did give us a good idea about her professional and personal life looks like.


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