Contributing to my EDTC 300 family’s learning!

Throughout this course, I was able to comment on other classmates blogs, tweet daily about education news and articles along with that also reply to my classmates tweets, interact on google plus community, and I also tried to remain as active as possible during our Zoom chats for class. With this, you are able to gain a sense of community within your class, build your PLN, and gain and give out some crucial advice from/to fellow classmates and people who are also teachers outside of your class. Within this blog post I will be showing screenshots in an iMovie of what I believe contributed to others learning and also screenshots of my just communicating with people of the education community from near or far.


Commenting on other peoples blogs:

Below shows a video of various comments I have made to my classmates regarding their posts. Some are words of encouragement and others are questions to make them think about online learning and their learning project in general. By doing this I believe we are only benefitting each other. We are able to learn off of one another and share our knowledge and experience within the area one is learning about. Some of these posts are new from this week and others are older. I decided to choose these 10 comments because I believe they are the ones that are the most impactful and not just a few words of just saying “job well done!”. These are the type of comments my classmates read and will take forward as they do their next step of learning.




A huge part of this class, for me, was building my PLN. While you are building your PLN, you are also helping someone else build theres. I was able to give advice, ask questions to  get replies from other teachers and allow my fellow students to learn from my question just as much as I did, share education related articles that can help with their future career, and also relate to them on a personal level. The video below shows some of the most important tweets to me that showcase how I have helped others learn and how I have connected to others via twitter.



Google plus: 

This was a community where I was able to look for answers and ask questions. Below is a picture of me commenting on someones learning project work. This was a hub for all things EDTC 300.  Here are a few screen shots of me posting on the google plus community and also replying to a couple comments.


Who helped contribute the most to my learning?:

I would have to say Danielle Kelln was one who contributed most to my learning. This is because we were always constantly texting about our class discussions, upcoming blog posts, and our learning projects. Constantly giving one another tips on how to better ourselves as educators in the tech world. Along with this, we cybersleuthed one another and were able to give each other feedback on how we should better our online presence, which is crucial and was so beneficial both ways. Furthermore, we also constantly commented on each others blogs and tweeted to one another.

Anthea Holczer was another one who really contributed to my online learning. Specifically through twitter, she would tweet back to my resources I would share even when no one else would and share her thoughts on them. It was insightful to gain another perspective.


Wrap up:

Overall, EDTC 300 was a place where I learnt a lot about technology and myself as an educator but I was also able to help my fellow classmates learn along the way. For that reason, this class has truly been a one of a kind experience. I am grateful that I was able to contribute to other classmates learning for the fact that we are all in this together. By doing so, we can all be successful in this class. Without the marks even being posted yet, I can tell we already all are because of how much we have taken away from this EDTC 300 experience.


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