Introduction – Celebrating Diversity and Community

Lesson Plan #1: Introduction- Celebrating diversity and community

Activity: Tracing hands and putting something about ourselves on each finger


  • Get students’ attention and introduce ourselves- say why we are here.
  • Introduce activity and example with instructions—have you ever wanted to tell your best friend or teacher your favorite things to do? This is what we want to hear from you!
  • Give them example of questions that relate to each finger—draw on board:
    • Favourite food
    • What language do you speak at home?
    • What’s a hobby you have? –ask if they know what a hobby is
    • What’s your favourite subject in class?
    • Their choice of what they want to tell the teacher? Ex. What they did last summer? (we will have more examples on the board)


  • Each give a student a paper where they can trace their hand of choice.
  • Each will write their answers to the questions.
  • On the palm of the hand, students will write their name.
  • Draw their family structure on the palm of the hand below their name.
  • We will ask the students to colour the hand their favorite colour.
  • After done all of the above they will cut out the hand.


  • Get a big piece of paper for all the hands to fit onto with a slogan in the middle “Hand in hand, we are one big community in grade 3!”
  • Can ask the students to fit their own hands on the paper.
  • After all hands are on the paper we can ask them if they want to share their hand (if there is time) to allow, not only us as teachers but also the other students, to gain a deeper understanding about the people that surround them.

** In this lesson plan we were only required by our professor to write the set, development, and closure.


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