“Inner Self” Grade Three Health Lesson Plan

Your Inner self and what makes you unique!


USC3.2 Examine the spiritual dimension of the “inner self” and determine the importance of nurturing it.

(b) Investigate common definitions of the “inner self” (e.g., quiet awareness of who one really is and one’s reason for being)

(d) Determine the “inner self” as the centre of thoughts and feelings that guide/influence personal behaviour.


I am so excited about what we are going to be learning about today! What we are going to be learning about is how being unique is from your inner self. Being unique means having something a special something about yourself that not a lot of people have! Grade threes, why do you think being unique is important? — allow time for answer period — Each and every one of you have certain things about yourself that makes you unique and different from the next person, which is a very good thing. If everyone was the exact same in the world, wouldn’t that be boring? (yes). Being unique is important because it provides diversity in the world and allows everyone to be their own special self where no one is just like them.  We will be doing a writing and drawing assignment and then do a  special and fun activity on the carpet so I really want everyone to focus and do the best they can. I will hand out papers and explain instructions!

Hook: Anticipation for exciting activity at the end.


  • Get students to write assignment given to them “I am the only one in grade three who ___”
  • Underneath they will draw what they wrote makes them unique.
  • Once all students are done writing and drawing, get them to go to the carpet.
  • Talk to students to debrief the previous assignment we just did.
  • A lot of you have very different things that make you unique. Why do you guys think that? — allow for question period—
  • Say to them that everyone has different things about them because you all have unique lives and different interests. Some people have a hamster, some people have a dog, some people have a cat, and some people don’t have any pets at all. You all are different because our inner selves are all different and this leads to various different choices being made.
  • You should also respect your own and everyone else’s differences of their inner selves around you. Is it okay to say mean things to people just because they might be different than you? (no) Exactly students. Everyone has inner selves, or your true self, which can be different or unique and that is more than okay. Remember when we talked about how boring life would be if everyone was the same and had the same inner selves?
  • Bring ball of yarn to carpet, explain the following instructions to the children:

1.) First, Miss. M will start with the ball of yarn and grab the end of the yarn then will say what is unique about herself/ what is the one thing she has that no one else has.

2.) I will say someones name across the circle from me and pass them the yarn. Make sure you hold onto your end of the yarn and please toss the ball of yarn gently! When you do toss the yarn I want you to toss it to someone across from you, not beside you!!

3.) We will go through and do this until everyone is holding a piece of yarn, said what makes them unique, and the string is all connected and intertwined.


  • Grade threes, you must all be wondering why we are all holding these strings hey? So even though we all have different inner selves and have unique things about us, we are still tied together as one community despite our differences, as you all can see with how all the strings are touching and connected. This is why it is so important to embrace who you truly are, your inner self, and accept others inner selves for who they are because even if we have these vast differences, we are all human and all deserve to have our unique qualities be expressed.

Materials and Resources:

  • Papers that state “I am the only one in grade three who ___”
  • Ball of yarn


Look at journal entries and grade to see if they fully understood the lesson or not. In the sense that uniqueness from your inner self means what makes you different.

Below is a picture of the worksheet for the students:


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