Relationship Philosophy

alphabet class conceptual cube

I believe that relationships are the foundation to children’s success.

  • Relationships between the teacher and students are crucial to develop because this is how you begin to understand things such as your students’ strengths, likes and dislikes, learning style and their home life. Overall, if you can understand your student deeper than the surface level, you can see what the best way they can learn. For example, you would be able to know their learning style and interests and with that apply it to your own teaching practice.

I believe that through relationships with students, we possess the ability to show them their greatest strengths.

  • As an educator, you are often one of your students’ biggest encouragement and support systems because the students look up to you for positive affirmation. To use this to your greatest advantage as an educator is crucial since you have the ability to build them up and give them the confidence to achieve. In the process of accomplishing this, the teacher needs to give positive reinforcements to push students to their highest potential and to never give up on that student. If a student does not succeed, this is okay. Instead of giving the child discipline and scold them it would be more beneficial to teach students about growth mindsets and encourage them to try again.  We have to show students we believe in them.

I believe you need to see every child is capable and able.

  • Once you develop a meaningful connection with the child, they will begin to trust you. It is important to me that I implement into my classroom that I believe all of my students are capable and able of learning and doing anything they put their minds to. Once the students see that I believe that they are capable, they will believe that they are capable themselves and with that, success will follow.

I believe that the student and their needs are the focal point in my teaching.

  • As an educator, you must give them the knowledge needed to succeed in the world. This is a crucial idea to keep in mind because you are the one who is preparing the child for the real world and to ultimately have the knowledge to do well in their life after they leave your classroom. After all, the main reason you are teaching in the classroom is for the child. Therefore, your students should be your focus and what comes first while keeping in mind your students successful academic growth is the ideal end point.

I believe that it is important to build a relationship with your students’ family members.

  • As your role of an educator, your job goes beyond the classroom. To develop a relationship with the child, you also need to familiarize yourself with their roots. By getting to know their family, you can better understand the child on a deeper level than you ever could. It is also important to develop a relationship with families because you want to show how much you genuinely care about their child and their education.